How do you build a purpose driven workplace?

I don’t blog about work too often, as I know that my managers (some of them anyway) and quite a few of my co-workers read this.

But I got caught up on an ex-co-workers blog today where he was talking about business managment.

He had read a book called “Finding and Keeping the Best Talent in the World” by Richard Leider and says:

His contention is that talented people want “purpose driven” workplaces. How do you build a purpose driven workplace? You answer the following four employee questions over and over.

1. Where are we going?
2. What are we doing to get there?
3. What do you want me to do?
4. What’s in it for me when I do?

Good pay is essential, he says, but there needs to be more than that. If a company can’t answer those four questions, the talented people, looking for “purposeful, challenging work” and the chance “to express and develop their strongest talents” will quit.

I was going to write about appreciation today and thought a lot about what I really liked from my management. Is it the thank yous and occasional bonuses that make a difference to me? Nope, what I really want is those four questions answered because then I know what we’re doing and what my part of the effort is and how the company will show their appreciation. If someone answers those questions for me they’re showing me that they respect and appreciate me and they need me to be part of the effort.

I have to say that out of these four simple questions, I don’t usually have clear answers to any of them.

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