Holy Bend-Me-Over Batman!

It’s starting to sound like the CV joints on the van are dying. It makes a nice crunka-crunka noise when you turn right and a tick-tick noise when you step on the brakes.


So if we are going to drive it to Montana this year I guess I need to fix it.

Usually the easiest fix is to just replace the whole axle assembly on both sides. I’ve done this at least once before. (I did it on my Honda CRX Si once, and maybe on something else.)

Usually it’s not very hard. It seemed pretty easy on the CRX and I think the axles were around $180 each.

So I found a parts site on the web – World Parts Express – and looked up the axles.

Holy Shit.

The right axle is $511! The left one is $280! That’s almost $800 just for the parts. And why is the price difference so high?

Guess I need to read the manual – both to try and figure out how hard this is going to be and to see if I can discover the difference between the two sides.

Oy vey.

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