Hmm… Pretty quiet around here

It has come to my attention that I have not blogged since Jan 31st. 16 days ago.

It’s not that nothing has been happening, just that I haven’t been writing about it.

Just lazy I guess.

Well, I had a weird dream a couple of nights ago. I dreamed that I was still working at American Mold (which I left six years ago and has since closed it’s doors) and still driving my 86 Honda CRX Si.

I loved that car.

Anyway, in my dream I was goofing around in my CRX in the parking lot at American Mold and I managed to slide the front wheel into the curb.

The wierd part was that the rim then busted in half, right down the middle. So I had to get a new one. I grabbed the yellow pages and started calling junk yards.

They all wanted $800 for one rim! Outrageous!

Then the dream ended. Weird.

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