First real job with the ShapeOko!

I ran my first “real” job with my ShapeOko last night!

I’m making a custom set of grips for a Ruger Mk II pistol and the left side grip has a cutout on the back. The last set of custom grips I made with cutouts were a hassle. I made a template, filed it to fit, traced around it and then routed to the line. A huge pain in the ass.

This time I measured the cutout, drew it up in LibreCad, generated some G Code with CamBam and milled it out!

It turned out great!

Cut out.
Cut out.

It’s a little hard to see, but it should do the trick.

Here’s another shot of the blank.

Full grip.
Full grip.

Next I’m going to try and recreate the face in CAD and machine it. It has a thumb rest on it, so it should be a challenge. Fun stuff!

Running total costs.

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