Escapade Camper – Part Two: Upgrades Part One

The first go-round of upgrades for our Escapade Camper.

The first and most important upgrade was the cover for the spare tire.


When we ordered the camper I asked that the builder run some extra wires to the corners of the camper and to the center. He was happy to do so.

I added some power handing equipment so we could run lights, USB power and the vent fan from the battery or from shore power (plugged in to 110V.)

The control panel.

Top row: Solar panel controller, 12v and USB power, main battery disconnect. In the middle is a WFCO WF-8725-PB 25 Amp Power Center. The 110V outlet is just connected to the shore power (no inverter at this point.) Either the camper isn’t square or my panel isn’t square.

Here is the back side. Mostly tidy.


This was before I ran some heavier wire from the battery. I didn’t think the 14 gauge wire was heavy enough to avoid voltage drop from the battery. There is also a fuse in the battery box. I also have not yet installed the wires for shore power or the solar panel connector.

I also built a box to put on the tongue of the camper. I made it pretty large because I have a Blue Sky camping kitchen that I built a few years ago that I wanted to put in it along with a Coleman stove and a bunch of other stuff.

I made the box out of 1/4 birch plywood and coated it with epoxy and spar varnish. It turned out pretty nice I think.

Box closed.
Box open. The end drops down to make it easier to put the camp kitchen in.

Unfortunately it turned out that it was way too much weight on the tongue, so I had to ditch the camping kitchen for now and will probably make the tongue box smaller at some point.

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