Escapade Camper – Part Three: Upgrades Part Two

Another catch-up post. On Aug 17th we went out and spent the night at our friend’s farm again and I installed some more upgrades to the camper.

Outside shot.

I added a solar powered motion sensing light by the door. I’m still not sure about this, but at least it has an off switch. It’s just installed with double-sided tape so it would be an easy removal.

Solar door light.

Inside I installed a pair of reading lights (Ikea bed lights with 12v to 5v circuitry added) and a couple of corner shelves for glasses and stuff.

Lights and shelves.

Another shot of the shelf and you can also see the curtains my wife made.

Shelf and curtains.

I also added a second, deeper shelf across the end. Lots more storage. In addition I swapped out the single coat hooks on the wall for doubles. You can also see the clip by the door with a flashlight in it. It’s just a broom clip.

Second shelf and hooks.

On the outside I installed a socket for the solar panel to plug into. It’s a marine grade plug and I sealed it up with silicone caulk.


We collected some stickers from the trip up North and had some from previous journeys so we added some to the back.


Here is a closeup of the left side.

Left stickers.

And a closeup of the right side.

Right stickers.

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