Escapade Camper – Interlude – First Trip

Another catch-up blog post.

I tell a lie, this was actually the third time we used the camper but I’m going to claim the first two don’t count.

The first time we used the camper we stayed overnight in the yard at our friend’s house where we store the camper. The second time we towed it up to Leslie’s dad’s place up North of Two Harbors, MN and stayed overnight in their yard. (See a pattern here?)

This was the first trip where we stayed in a campground and spent more than one night in the camper. We took a long weekend and headed up the North Shore on a Wednesday morning.

All the State Parks were booked up, but I know from experience that the State Forest campgrounds almost always have space, especially in the middle of the week and sure enough, Eckbeck State Forest Campground was pretty empty.

We pulled in, found a prime spot, backed in and setup camp.

Camping in style!

We spent four days camping and the camper was great. We had zero issues with it and loved sleeping in it.

The campsite and Leslie.

You can see the camp kitchen in this picture. It’s a neat little box, but it’s kind of heavy to haul around. When we had the full-sized pickup truck it was no big deal to toss it in the bed, but with the Subaru it’s more weight than we really need.

The awning was great for shade and was a great place to stand when it rained. 🙂

We did a bunch of driving around on the North Shore along with hiking and wandering about.

All in all a nice camping trip.

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