This is a beautiful thing.

Have you ever noticed how many companies send out emails with a return address of in hopes that they won’t get any replies?

Well…. Some enterprising soul has registered and setup a mail server.

Wow. Talk about a security hole.

Go read the scary blog of what they are receiving over at

And check out the fine print at the bottom of the page:

Use of the domain is billed at $100 per day or $1 per email minimum – post billed. This domain is not for sale, nor to be used in unauthorized mailings,addresses, or automated systems. Any use of the domain that results in damage to the server may incur additional billing. Please contact chet at for other pricing and the billing mailing address. Unauthorized use of this domain gives me full rights to post any emails involved using the unauthorized address. Don’t like it? Don’t use it.

Ah, I just learned something. There are four reserved domain names that you are supposed to use for testing and examples per RFC 2606:

  • example
  • test
  • invalid
  • localhost

These four domains can never be registered. Interesting.

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