Lots of people have lots of different feelings about Christmas.

Personally, I like Christmas. I like buying things for people, but I need to get an earlier start. I like decorating for Christmas; the lights, the tree, etc. but I would like to do more of it.

I don’t know where I am going with this blog entry. Nowhere?

Anyway. Liz’s family is coming over to do Christmas at our house next Saturday (a week early.) Then on Christmas Day we will go to my sister’s house to do Christmas with my family. I think it’s fun to do Christmas twice.

Anyway, we are hosting again because we have a big house. I don’t mind hosting. I like cooking for a lot of people. I bought a 15 pound turkey last night (hopefully it will be thawed by Saturday.)

It should be a good time.

Where am I going with this blog entry again?

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