Check-in: Your bags and your rights.

If you travel outside the United States this summer, you can kiss your right to privacy, and perhaps your laptop, digital camera and cell phone, goodbye.

Did you know…

1. Border security can seize your laptop, cell phone or camera with no suspicion or explanation. And keep it indefinitely, and share the data with anyone they want to.

2. Many airports use scanners that conduct a virtual ” strip search” of passengers.

3. There are over one million names on the terrorist watch list. Including names that match former Department of Justice officials, small children and grandmothers.

4. The TSA recently expressed interest in having every airline passenger wear “electro-muscular disruption” bracelets that could be used to shock passengers into submission.

Traveling shouldn’t mean checking your rights when you’re checking your luggage. It’s time for some sanity when it comes to security.

I just asked my members of Congress to rein in travel abuses by the Department of Homeland Security. You can learn more about this and email your members of Congress at the ACLU website.

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