Camping and Camper photos

We took our popup camper for it’s shake down cruise last weekend with a camping trip in Bil and Nanc’s side yard. Bil, Nanc and the boys went to Nanc’s parent’s cabin, so it was just us and the animals for the weekend.

Bill and Nanc live on a hobby farm near Stillwater and have two horses, two lamas, a goat, a pony, chickens and to many cats to count (actually I think it’s three house cats and four barn cats, but I’m not sure.) They also have a dog, but they took her with them.

We brought along one of Rosalyn’s friends and the girls were in heaven taking care of all the animals.

The camper performed wonderfully and I got some ‘mods’ done to it.

On Sunday we had a big hail storm with hail larger than golf balls! The camper has some dents in the roof, the truck has some dents in the hood and the roof and the car has a broken windshield.

Here is a tour of the camper.

Here are photos from the camping trip at the farm.

And here is an album of the ‘mods’ I made to the camper.

Updated: It appears I had the link to the ‘mods’ wrong. Silly me. It’s fixed now.

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