Busy Weekend

This might be a long entry…

On Friday it snowed. The first real snow of the season. I think we got between 4-6 inches. It started snowing around Noon and when I finally left work at 4:00 it was a mess.

It took me an hour and 40 minutes to get home. Normally a 20 minute drive. What a pain.

So I shoveled the snow Friday night (after Liz has already shoveled the snow once. But it was still snowing.

I got up on Saturday and shoveled again. It wasn’t bad, the wind had actually blown most of the snow off the driveway (for a change.) Then I went go-kart racing!

What a hoot that is. There were 20 guys there and we ran two qualifiers first. I had the 5th fasted lap time (out of 10) and was getting pretty consistantly better each lap – for a change.

So for some reason they give me the poll position on the final race! Woot!

When the race started I managed to stay in first or second place for the first 8 laps! I was feeling pretty good when I went into a corner two abreast. Then someone behind tagged me and sent me into the wall. Where I got stuck. And everybody passed me.


No way was I going to catch anyone. So I finished last. Poop.

But my fasted lap of the day was the second lap after the crash! I was pissed and drove my ass off!

Man that’s hard work. I need more upper body strength.

Charles posted his photos here: Charle’s Photos

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. 🙁

So much for my resolution.

Saturday afternoon I worked on the house a bit. There was a bit on the floor in the dining room where the inlay meets the heat register that needed repair, so I did that. There was also a small missing piece in the main floor that I replaced.

Sunday I finished the floor repair and then I started making stock for storm windows.

I have a bunch of lumber that I bought specifically for making storm windows and I had been making then one at a time.

That’s dumb.

So yesterday I assembly lined the basic lumber into window stock. I ripped it all to width, then I rabbeted the groove for the glass and routed the profile onto the other side.

So now I should be able to turn it into windows much faster.

Then that afternoon we all went and saw Sesame Street Live at the Target Center. Best seats we’ve ever had! Front row on the floor just to stage left.

As silly and kid oriented as those shows are, they are still fun to go to. Some of the humor (though not much) has a little adult orientation. But I just like watching the kids staring at the performers in awe.

Then we had my sisters and their kids over to our place for pizza.

Wheee. A pretty good weekend overall.

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