Busy Weekend – Part II – Saturday

Liz went out of town on Friday afternoon and was gone all day on Saturday. So the kids and I had to make our own fun.

Friday night we watched Star Wars Episode IV. That was a trip down memory lane. Except where Mr. Lucas decided to make his changes. (Thanks George! – NOT.)

Saturday morning it was raining (again.) Stephanie went to fencing and Roz and I went to the grocery store. (Big fun.)

By the time we picked Stephanie up from fencing it was starting to clear up! So we went home, had lunch and did a couple of chores.

It was still semi-clear, so we decided to go to Valleyfair! Wheee.

We had a good time in general, but when we were in line for the Wild Thing, they decided to shut it down for “routine maintenance”. They told us it would only be a few minutes, but after about 20 we gave up and went on some other rides.

We spent about 4 hours there.

Then after dinner we watched Star Wars Episode V. I had to explain to the kids that when the movie came out it was a huge shock that Darth Vader was Luke’s father. 🙂

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