Bootie Top Ten for June

The Bootie Top Ten Mashups for June have been released!

And it’s a great collection this month!

Favs from this month:

  • Pretend We’re Alala (L7 vs. CSS)kicks ass!
  • Walkin Out Yo Girlfriend (lobsterdust mash) (Unk vs. Avril Lavigne ft. Toni Basil) – Who else could get away with mixing in “Hey Mickey“?
  • Love Or Hate Me Banquet (Bloc Party vs Lady Sovereign vs Abba) – Yet another mashup with Lady Sovereign – but it’s pretty fun. It’s faster than DJ Jay R’s Sweet Sovereign (Lady Sovereign vs. Eurythmics vs. Shiny Grey) from the Best of Bootie 2006 collection.

Go download them now!

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