BBQ Shootout

We had a little BBQ shootout here at work today. We went to three different places and bought ribs and chicken. Then we gorged ourselves.

We bought from the following local places:

First off, I have to say that none of them blew my socks off. Compared to the BBQ I had in Kansas City when I went down to become a Certified BBQ Judge they were pretty weak.

But here are my impressions – from worst to best:

Pastor Hamilton’s


  • $22.00 Rack of Ribs
  • $8.00 Half ChickenThe ribs and chicken were swimming in sauce.

    The ribs appeared to have been boiled and had little to no smoke penetration and hardly any smokey flavor.

    I did not try the chicken as I was mainly interested in finding a good BBQ rib.

    I would not go back there.



    • $13.00 Rack of Ribs
  • $12.00 Whole ChickenThe ribs were lightly sauced and actually pretty tasty. One person commented they thought they had a strong ginger taste and another thought they had a bit too much cinnamon.

    I thought they were pretty good, with a smokey taste, but nothing to really write home about.

    I didn’t try the chicken – it was in really large pieces.

    I would go back, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. They were the cheapest and for the price they are a pretty good deal.

    Big Daddy’s


    • $19.00 Rack of Ribs
  • $13.00 Whole ChickenThese ribs were served dry with sauce on the side. I thought the ribs were a bit on the salty side. They had a nice smokey flavor with good penetration. The sauce was sort of molasses flavored and complemented the ribs quite well.

    I actually tried the chicken from Big Daddy’s since there was a small piece available. I thought it was a little dry but with the sauce on it was quite tasty.

    I would get ribs and chicken from Big Daddy’s again. There is a bonus about Big Daddy’s – it’s right next door to the Hickory Hut – where they have some of the best wings in the city – so you could stock up on ribs at Big Daddy’s and then get wings at the Hickory Hut and have yourself a real party!

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