Band Saw Boxen!

I’ve done a bunch of stuff since my last post, but I’ll start out with the Band Saw Boxen that I made.

Here are the finished photos of the two boxen I’ve made so far, then I’ll follow up with a (picture heavy) ‘making-of’.

The first box I made.

And then the drawer comes out.
The second box I made.
And the drawers come out too.

So it all starts with gluing up some scraps I had laying around. Band saw boxen are great for using up scraps.

Gluing up scraps.

Then I squared up the block on the saw.

All squared up. That’s maple, oak, walnut, oak and maple.

Then I sketched up the outside and cut it out.

Cut out the outside.

After cleaning up the outside on my new spindle sander (don’t know how I got along without one for so long) I cut off the back.

Back cut off. You can see the sketch for the drawer.

Next comes cutting out the drawer. I wanted rounded corners on the drawer, so I went in at an angle tangent to one of the corners.

After cutting out the drawer I cut off the front and back faces.

Drawer cut out, and front and back cut off the drawer.

The next step was to cut out the middle of the drawer.

Drawer middle cut out.

Then it was time to glue stuff back up.

Gluing the outside.
Gluing the front and back onto the drawer.

I don’t seem to have a picture of gluing the back onto the outside casing, but I think you can figure it out.

While the glue was drying I cut a drawer handle out of the scraps from the center of the drawer.

Drawer handle scraps.

After a bunch of sanding, I put several coats of Danish Oil on the box, then glued some felt into the drawer.

Band saw boxen are pretty easy to make, and it’s fun.

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