All The Gear All The Time

I’ve been reading the Adv Rider Forums recently and one of the mantras that I see a lot is ATGATT.

I used to feel this way, and I do have an Aerostich Roadcrafter, Sidi boots, a Shoei Syncrotec helmet and multiple pairs of gloves.

Recently though I’ve been slacking off. Mainly when I drive the sidecar rig. I really know better, but I’ve been wearing my old, but still nice, leather jacket and tennis shoes.

I have to admit that I have even driven the hack in shorts and a tee shirt, with no helmet.

This is really stupid.

I need to read the forums more often to remind me why ATGATT is really what I should do. The descriptions of people’s accidents, and what the gear saved them from, is sobering.

What amazes me the most is when I do hop on the bike or the hack and go for a quick jaunt to the store or somewhere else in the neighborhood, and I don’t wear the gear, that’s when someone in a cage (car) tries to kill me.

Considering that most accidents occur within 5 miles of your home, riding around the neighborhood with no gear on is extra stupid.

So it’s time to start working harder on ATGATT. Period.

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