A Near-Death Experience

For my camera…

Liz called me today saying that the camera was failing to recognize the CF card and displaying an error 02 on the screen.

Then she discovered that there were two bent pins down in the CF card reader. That can’t be good.

So when I got home, I took the camera all apart following this very useful guide by Gary Honis.

But when I tried to straighten the first pin, it broke off. So I figured I was all done.

Google only showed me one place to buy the circuit board with the CF reader on it and they wanted $275 for it! So I called my good friend Charles who knows all about cameras.

He told me to join the DP Review forums and ask what to do there. I did a little searching in the forums and came across a mention that the CF card has redundant pins for some features and it looked like the pin that broke off may have been an extra ground pin.

So I took the camera apart again (I had just finished putting it back together so I wouldn’t lose any of the pieces) and did my best to straighten the second bent pin. I got it mostly straight, and put the camera all back together.

Miracle of miracles, it works!

I fear that I am living on borrowed time though, as the pin is pretty mangled. But as long as I’m gentle when inserting the CF card I think I can limp it along for a bit.

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