A Matter of Degrees

The difference between a pleasant ride and one which is unpleasant can be as simple as a matter of a few degrees Fahrenheit.

I was reminded of this fact today at lunch time.

When I rode my motorcycle to work this morning it was about 48 degrees out. I tossed on my Aerostich Fleece Jacket under my Aerostich Roadcrafter and was okay for the 20 minute ride in. I would not have wanted to ride much further than that, but it was okay for the short jaunt.

I had to run home over lunch, so I hopped on the bike and went. For some reason, I was really cold on the drive home. The temperture was about the same and I was dressed the same, but there was a cold breeze blowing in through my ‘stich. I may not have had the zipper flap sealed all the way, as it doesn’t seal very well, but I was freezing cold by the time I got home. I was even getting a crick in my neck due to the cold. Man, did that suck.

Since I was at home I decided to put on my Widder heated vest for the ride back to work. That thing may be the best motorcycle accessory that I own!

The ride back to work was so wonderful. I could have kept going for hours with that vest turned on. I was so comfortable. As a matter of fact, I wanted to keep going for hours.

The only thing that would have made it better was to have had some thicker socks on. My tootsies were getting a little cold.

Heated socks perhaps?

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