3DMG Props – Progress Report – 3/13

Over the past few days we have done the following:

Made the nozzle – I just grabbed a piece of 3/4″ pine, drew a shape that looked good, cut it out on the band saw and rounded the edges on my belt sander. Then I used a 1/4″ Forstner bit to rough out the nozzle and some chisels and gouges to clean it up.

05-nozzleI then followed the same procedure to make the two devices that shoot the grappling hooks.


We started gluing up the scabbards too. We glued up two halves and then had to stop.

07-boxex 08-boxesTonight I started making the swords. I cut out a bunch of parts on the ShapeOko. The sword handles are going to be a glue up of several pieces of 1/4″ plywood.

Here are the center sections and two of the little hilts that go on the blade.10-handle-ctr

Here are two of the outer plates and the guards.

11-handle-platesThese are the ends of the spare blades that stick out of the scabbards.

09-blade-endsNext I had to fit the brake levers to the sword handle. I cut the plastic lever housing up on the bandsaw thus.

14-lever3And then notched the sword handle plates to suit.

13-lever2And this is what it looks like all together. It’s not glued at this point because I want Stefanie to look at it first. I think the handle is too wide, but we can cut it down.

15-sword-trialAnd that’s the progress up until now.

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