2003 Minnesota 1000 Ride Report

My 2003 Minnesota 1000 Ride Report

Note: Photos to be added soon. (Still no photos added and it’s 9-1/2 years later. I know I took some…)

Let me start off by saying I’ve got a pinched nerve in my shoulder (or something) so I took it real easy. Only did 520 miles and went home for 12 hours in the middle. (520 miles == taking it easy? I remember when 520 miles was a really long distance for me on a motorcycle.) I took lots of “Vitamin I” (Ibuprofin) as Victor calls it and it wasn’t too bad.

It was a really nice ride. Beautiful weather all weekend.

This year they had Mandatory Bonuses that you had to collect before the end of the rally. There were five different motorcycle shops around the area that you HAD to visit and pay $3.00. This money all went into gift certificates that were handed out at the end of the rally.

You could start collecting the Mandatory Bonuses during the week before the rally started (a boon for people that live in the area) and Charles and I went out on Saturday, June 7th and bagged three of them.

I went out after work one day and bagged a fourth and then grabbed the fifth on the night of the Liars Banquet (since it was at Moon Motors, the start of the odometer check run.)

On Friday, they had the traditional Liars Banquet. This year it was held at a Bowling Alley/Banquet Facility in Monticello. (The Bowling Alley part will factor in later.)

The 2003 Minnesota 1000 was actually coordinated and run by two new people this year (Kerry Person and Ken (?)) instead of Eddie James and Adam Wolkoff and it had a bit of a different feel. Not bad, just a little different.

The Liars Banquet was fine, a good time schmoozing and lying with the other riders, although the BBQ Ribs were not real barbeque. (And I should know, being a Certified Barbeque Judge (WRITEUP AND LINK THE BBQ STORY!) now and all.)

After dinner they handed out a packet with the rules (just so you couldn’t say you hadn’t seen them,) another copy of the mandatory bonus locations and 5 bonuses that you could claim now.

The first bonus was to go bowling. Right here, right now. There was no point value attached to this bonus, but it was hinted that it might be worth something later.

The other four bonuses were for far away locations. The only two I remember are Estes Park, CO and Yellowstone Park, WY. These bonuses were for people who were up for the Keith Collins Award (awarded to people who rode 10,000 miles in their frist eight Minnesota 1000s.) There were about eight people who were close to getting this and if you wanted to go for it, you could leave now. Two people went. Marty Leir and Howie Stuber.

So I went bowling along with most of the other riders. It was a lot of fun. I should probably explain that TeamStrange originally started out as a bowling team and that Eddie has always wanted to tie bowling into a TeamStrange event. I bowled with Charles Robinson, Victor and Tammy Wanchena and Tom someone whose last name I have forgotten (sorry.) I got a 133. Not bad for someone who bowls maybe once a year.

After bowling was done, it was about 10:00 and time to head for home. So I did. I had a hard time sleeping (mainly due to my shoulder) and was still tired when I got up at 6:00 the next morning. Oh well, I suited up and headed back up to Monticello for the start.

Got to the start at 9:00, hung around and BSed with the other riders until the Rider Meeting at 9:30. Huh. Wonder where Charles is? He’s not here yet.

At 9:30 they handed out the bonus sheets. I start looking them over and immediately sense a theme: “Take a photo of this fish here”, “Visit this boat factory”, “Go to the Fishing Museum here”, something smells fishy to me. Hey! All these bonuses are in Minnesota. Interesting.

Since I want to take it easy this year, I start plotting only the bonuses that are within about 100 miles of Minneapolis. This looks doable and I can manage it so that I swing through Minneapolis at bed time.

It’s getting close to the 10:00 start time and still no sign of Charles. Then one of the rally organizers comes over and tells me that Charles just called. He finally managed to get his bike started (!) and will be here in about an hour. Since I am going to be slacking it this time, I figure that I’ll just take off without him and let him do his own thing.

At 10:00 they tell us we can go. I’m still plotting and organizing my route, but at 10:15 I’m done and saddle up. First stop – Onamia at the base of Mille Lacs Lake.

The bonus is to ride around Mille Lacs Lake, getting a gas reciept at the start and the end of the ride at the Holiday Express station. So I stop at the Holiday Express station. It’s a zoo. Full of people pulling boats, etc. And there is no pay-at-the-pump! Damn.

I fill up the tank and head in to pay. There is a HUGE line at the register and only one clerk. Great. Then I get up to pay and the register is about 1970’s vintage and doesn’t print the gallons on the receipt. Nor is the City on the receipt. Sheesh. So I have the clerk write the gallons on the receipt and inital it. I write the city on it and hope the rallymasters will accept it.

I bought something to drink too, so I stand around the parking lot a few minutes and stretch. (Told you I was taking it easy.) Finally I saddle up and head around the lake.

I was expecting a lot of traffic and was pleasantly surprised to find almost none. It sure is a pretty ride around the lake. 99km later and I am back at that damned Holiday station. Do the receipt dance again and notice that the clerk now has a cast on her arm. Humm. I decline to inquire, figuring that an annoyed MN1K rider might have broken it in frustration about the receipts. (Not really.)

Since I’m hot and hungry, I stop at the DQ next door and get a burger and a blizzard. I sit around for a while and relax. (Really not going for any speed records here.) That Mocha Chip Blizzard sure tasted good though.

I finally saddle up and head up to Little Falls to visit the Minnesota Fishing Museum. I have to find out who donated the sign for the Museum. I turns out to be some guy with a really long last name (Pfennenstein or something like that.) I write my answer and head out.

Next stop, Motley to buy something at Morey’s Fish. On the way to Motley on Hwy 10 at 3:00 in the afternoon, I notice a couple of deer in the median. I immediately start slowing down, knowing full well that they are going to run in front of me.

Sure enough, a doe and her fawn scramble up onto the road and run across it. I had slowed down enough that they were not that close to me, but if I hadn’t been paying attention, I might have had a closer encounter. I yell “Shouldn’t you be sleeping or something!” at them as I go past.

I get to Motley and stop at Morey’s. Nummy. I love smoked fish. I buy a smoked whitefish and some crackers. I head back to the bike, take some photos and then think “I’m hungry. Maybe I should go back and get something to nibble” since I was planning on taking the whitefish home. So I went back in a bought a chunk of smoked salmon. Nummy. I sat down and ate it on the spot. (No hurry here…)

Next stop: The Worlds Largest Walleye in Rush City. I cruise down 10 and completely space the fact that I meant to head east on 95 around St. Cloud. Oops. Oh well, I can take 23 North up to 95, it only adds about 20 miles to the drive.

Heading North on 23, I almost stop for the day when I see some people on the side of the road with a sign that says “Free Beer”! But I figure I should keep going and proceed onward.

About 6:15 I arrive at the walleye in Rush City. It’s a big fiberglass fish that was supposedly caught by Paul Bunyan. I take the required photo and record its weight. (1999 lbs, 15-1/2 oz.) Then I head for home. I’m going to go home and take my sleep bonus.

At about 7:40 I get some gas at the SA by my house to record the start of my sleep bonus and head home. I shower, eat some dinner and am in bed by 10:00.

The alarm goes off at 5:45 and I get up, shower, eat breakfast, read the comics and then head out at about 7:00. I stop at the SA again to record the end of my rest bonus and head out Hwy 55 W to Maple Lake, home of the Warrior Boat factory. Got a photo of the big boat on the sign.

West on Hwy 55 to Eden Valley, then North on Hwy 22 to Richmond. Hwy 22 is kind of fun, it’s got a few twists and turns in it. Stop to read the sign at the boat landing just South of Richmond and then East on Hwy 23 to the finish line at Donahue HD in St. Cloud.

Got to the finish line about 9:23. There was no grace period this year, if you weren’t back by 9:59:59, you were DNF. I think almost everyone made it back in time. I saw one guy come in with about 15 seconds to spare.

Scored myself, got 6500+ points. The kicker about the bowling bonus was that they had a worksheet that looked like an IRS form. But the last step had you multiply your points by zero. And what is any number multiplied by zero?

Went up the the scoring table and there was Adam. “So, where does it say that you went to the Morey’s in Motley?”

What?!? Sure enough, the receipt, while it does say “Morey’s” on it, it does not say “Motley” on it anywhere. D’oh! I forgot to check the receipt.

Luckily, that was the only goofup I made. Cost me 317 points. Ah well, I was no where near in the running with that score. The winner over all had a score in excess of 15,000. Sheesh.

We had a nice lunch of roast pig. A whole pig on a spit. Real BBQ. I give it a 9 for presentation, an 8 for taste (no smokey flavor as it was a propane roasting unit) and an 8 for tenderness (it was a little tough.) The BBQ sauce I didn’t really like. Too much like ketchup.

Then they gave away a bunch of door prizes (I didn’t win any) and then the winners plaques (again, I didn’t win any.)

It was about 2:00 before they were all through and I had a nice warm run back home.

All in all, a nice little ride. Got no prizes, but I didn’t expect any.

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