Setting Max Message Size in Mailman 3

This is more a personal note to myself, but it might be useful if others could find this answer more easily.

The web UI for mailman 3 (postorius) does not correctly implement setting Max Message Size (or the mailman API doesn’t support setting it, I’m not sure which.) In any case, you can set the Max Message Size using the mailman CLI like so:

# mailman shell
Welcome to the GNU Mailman shell
The variable ‘m’ is the mailing list
>>> m.max_message_size=nnnn
>>> commit()
>>> quit()

According to the documentation max_message_size is in kilobytes (1024) so setting it to 1024 would be one megabyte.

You can display the current value of max_message_size by just typing m.max_message_size in the CLI.

Building the STS Freight House

I made the mistake of visiting Scale Model Supplies a few weeks ago. Scale Model Supplies is an old-style hobby shop in St. Paul. It’s been around for a long, long time and has tons of stock. Not just model railroad stock, but they do have a lot of model railroad stock. A lot.

I managed to get out for only about $40, but that’s mainly because I didn’t go down all the aisles with model railroad stuff in them. One of the items I picked up was a laser cut kit to build a freight house. It was produced by Northeastern Scale Models, but they appear to have gone out of business. No matter.

This post will be picture heavy. Because I took a lot of pictures. 🙂

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Blucher Glue Works

For my second laser kit I decided to go with something a bit larger. I bought a copy of GC Lasers Blucher Glue Works.

I bought it because it’s visually interesting, and it has an amusing name. If you are unaware of where the name comes from, you need to go watch Young Frankenstein. Interestingly enough, the word “Blucher” is not German for “glue” as is commonly thought. The horse whinny was just added because the producers thought it was funny.

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