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The Minnesota 1000 - June 20th, 1998


What I did last weekend - Take Three

You can read my story about the first Minnesota 1000 that I did in 1996 here. This is the third MN1K that I have participated in. I don't have a story about the 1997 or the 1998 Minnesota 1000, but I do have some pictures from 1998. My employer at the time had a digital camera that I borrowed and these are some of the snaps that I took.

This is the pre-rally Bar-B-Que at the old Trackstar building.

This is the Revrends Adam Wolkoff and Eddie James giving us the rules and instructions at the Bar-B-Que.

Bob's Java HutThis is Bob's Java Hut. The start of the rally. As you can see, they have blocked off the street and it is full of bikes. What a hoot. (Click on the image for a larger picture.)

Rally T-Shirt Front Rally T-Shirt Back

<-- This is the front of the beautiful T-Shirt that we got.

This is the back of the shirt. No, they aren't really different colors. The camera just decided to make it look that way. (And I don't care enough to fix it.) -->

This rig wins the prize for the most unusual bike. It's a La-Z-Boy that actually runs down the road. It's something else.

They even got the police department to block the street off for us.

This is Rugby, ND. The geographical center of North America. As you can tell, it was raining. It rained on us quite a bit...

Yes, this is a graveyard. You get to have all sorts of fun on these rallys. At least is wasn't raining here. It was also daylight...

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