I've Been Everywhere Tour

Ride Number 1

In which I ride 440 miles, pickup six locations and buy a new motorcycle.

If you don't know what the I've Been Everywhere Tour is all about, go here to check it out.

7 Jan 2001 - Added a few more pictures.

Eddie wants us to meet at his place around 7:00am, so I set the alarm for 6:00 so I can take a shower, eat and get dressed. As always, 6am rolls around far too early and I stumble out of bed. But I look out the window as I get dressed after my shower and the sky is a nice clear blue. It's shaping up to be a beautiful day and I feel good. I feel like the guy in the BMW ads - "6:00 am Sunday morning - I hate it when I oversleep."

My lovely wife has consented to me taking a nice long bike ride today and I feel doubly blessed.

So, after breakfast, I slip on my 'stich, pick up my helmet and tank bag and walk over to Eddie's. Eddie has agreed to let me ride his K1100RS today as I am considering buying it. This will make a great test ride. Eddie is staying a block away from my house, so it's a nice short hike over to the bike. I set my tank bag on the tank of his K bike and realize that the tank is made of aluminum. Damn. My tankbag is one of those magnetic ones and I neglected to get the one with the special aluminum magnets. Since there are no bags on the K, I guess I'll have to talk someone else into carrying my gear. (Eddie left the bags in Ohio. Or, as Sev says "Planet O-H-10.")

I sit on the front steps and wait for Eddie to return from filling the tank on the R65 he will be riding.

A few minutes later, Eddie pulls up and we head inside to BS while we wait for the others. Pretty quickly, the kitchen is full and we are ready to go. We all go outside and saddle up. The cast of characters for this ride in no particular order is:

Eddie James - BMW R65

Sev Pearman - BMW R100GS

Tim Foreman - BMW K1100RS

Kevin Kocur - BMW K100RS

Will Outlaw - BWM R1100GS

Melody Albers - BMW R850R (?)

Chuck Banks - Kawasaki Concours

L to R - Sev, Kevin, Melody, Will & Eddie (Click for a larger image.)

We head out. The first destination is Chaska, MN. Sev leads the way, and we all play follow the leader. We cruise into Chaska, find the Post Office and confuse the natives by parking a bunch of bikes in front of it and generally acting weird.

Chaska Post Office

Here we are milling about in front of the Chaska Post Office. You can see the K1100RS front and center with my rally towel #234 hanging on it. That's Kevin's back, Chuck and Melody.

(Click on the image for a larger view.)

After taking pictures and milling around a bit, we hop back on the bikes and head out.

Next stop - Ottawa, MN. We cruise down the back roads. We turn a corner and everyone starts pulling over. I guess Ottawa, MN is too small to bother with a Post Office, so we make a general nuisance of ourselves parking on the edge of the road and photographing the city limits sign. The town is so small, they don't even list the population!

Here we are in Ottawa. Don't blink, you'll miss it! That would be Kevin's back on the right and Chuck on the left.

(Do the click thing for a bigger image.)

Ottawa, MN

Here is another image from Ottawa. You can see Eddie and Sev in the ditch.

(More clicking for big.)

We muck about for a while and head out. Down the road we go to Springfield, MN. I've been told that every state has a Springfield. But no one knows where the Simpsons live!

Will Outlaw had to turn back to go play golf. What a silly thing to do. Can you imagine playing golf instead of riding your motorcycle?

We pull into Springfield and follow the sign to Downtown to look for the Post Office. We find a couple of likely looking buildings, but not the Post Office. Sev asks some people for directions and off we go. When we reach the edge of town with no Post Office, we realize something is wrong. Sev heads back into town to ask a mailman that we passed where the Post Office is. You would hope that a mailman would know!

Sev gets back and we head into town again. We drive right down the street that we drove down before and park in front of the Post Office that we had all driven right past! I guess Sev was looking for the flag to be out and they weren't flying it today.

Ah well, at least we found it.

Springfield Post Office

Here we are in front of the Springfield Post Office. That's Kevin conferring with Sev on the left, Eddie front and center and Chuck holding down my rally towel. Thanks Chuck!

(You know what to do for a bigger image.)

After Springfield, we took a little detour. Eddie is a Laura Ingalls Wilder freak and we were pretty close to Walnut Grove, where Laura lived with her family on the banks of Plum Creek. So, we had to go find the place and check it out. I think I have photos from there, but they are in the camera still. I'll add them later. (I really need a digital camera for this stuff!)

We hung out at Plum Creek and BS'd about Laura. We all gave Eddie a hard time, just because it's funny. He is such a nut about Laura.

Eddie has promised that the Minnesota 2000 is going to be a Laura Ingalls Wilder free zone, but he didn't say anything about next year...

Finally, we suited up again and headed for lunch. I don't remember what city we ate in, but I know that it was a Happy Chef! We all ate and BS'd some more and then suited up to head to Spirit Lake, IA.

Here is the Sprit Lake Post Office. That is the lovely Sev Pearman presenting my rally towel. (I have no idea what's in his mouth.)

(You figure it out.)

Spirit Lake Post Office

At Spirit Lake, there was much discussion about heading down to another possible bonus in IA, but we pretty much decided that we didn't have time. Melody had to get back home and we blew it off.

We headed back north to MN. At the border, we all pulled over. No one has been able to verify a city named Minnesota, so the state line sign was deemed acceptable by the Rally Masters.

Minnesota Border

Here is the wonderful Chuck Banks holding my towel for me again. Thanks again Chuck!


Here you can see Eddie and Chuck in the ditch. That's Sev's bike next to Eddie's.

That's Melody standing next to her bike on the left.


Sev and Eddie have been pulling into the ditch on their bikes for the non-PO photos. Sev is riding an R100GS, which is well-suited for ditch riding, but Eddie is on the R65. The R65 is a cool little bike, but not really designed for the ditch.

Anyway, Eddie has this thing about having to ride farther down the ditch than Sev. At the Minnesota line sign, Sev headed down the ditch a ways and the drove back up onto the road. Of course, Eddie headed down the ditch further than Sev and when he attempted to ride up onto the road again, the ditch was much steeper.

Well, he dumped it. He wasn't moving fast, and no damage was done, but the rest of us just about dropped our bikes we were laughing so hard. Did any of us get off to help? Nope. We just sat and laughed while we watched him struggle to get it out of the ditch.

Damn it was funny!

He eventually got it out and we headed down the road again.

On the way to Waterville, MN, our last bonus location, Eddie, who was third in the line, pulled over to the side of the road. Sev and Melody kept right on going, not noticing and that was the last we saw of them.

It seems that the fuel line on Eddie's bike had come loose and was spraying him with gas. Not a good thing. After we rooted around for a while, we found a hose clamp on the K bike and fixed it.

A couple of guys in a PU pulled over to see if we needed help. Thanks guys!

We got it going again and headed down the road.

Here we are at Waterville. That's Kevin clamping his towel onto his bike. Waterville, MN

After Waterville, we decide that it's getting late and maybe we should just have some dinner. So, we head to Zanz! Zanz is a Mexican restaurant in Mankato that belonged to the Zantigo's chain. When Zantigo's got bought out, this restaurant decided to go it solo but they had to change the name.

Eddie, of course, loves the place. Eddie likes anything that is off the wall. He raves about the food. I think it's okay, but not really any better than Taco Bell.

We eat dinner and head for home. Chuck and Kevin split off on the freeway to go to their homes and Eddie follows me to my house. I had told him during the ride that I wanted to buy the K bike and we went to my house to finish the deal.

So, all told, it was a really good ride! We did just over 440 miles in 13 hours, had a lot of fun and I bought a new bike! What a great start to my I've Been Everywhere Tour!

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