The 1997 Frost Your Nuts Run

In October of 1997, a coworker of mine decided that we needed to go on the Frost Your Nuts Run. This is a late-season ride when it is supposedly going to be cold.

Well, in 1997, it was warm. So it was a pretty pleasant ride with lots of bikes.

This is a traditional Harley run, so my buddy rode my Kawasaki 750 Turbo and I rode my BMW R100RS. (Seeing as how we don't have Harleys.) We were certainly not the only ones who were not riding Milwaukee iron.

Since I didn't get a scanner until July, 2000, and that's when I'm creating this page, my recollection is foggy at best. But I do remember a few things:

Anyway, here are my photos with commentary. You can always click on the photo for a larger image.

Bikes in the street
This is one shot of the street with bikes lined up. If you look really closely, you can see the fronts of my gray R100RS and the red and black 750 Turbo.
More bikes
Here are more bikes on the street.
Here is a row of front wheels. I thought it was kind of artsy at the time.
This is a really cool looking custom Honda CBX. Even though they are big pigs, I still think an in-line six cylinder engine is cool.
Just a pair of custom Harleys. (Pretty nice ones if you like that kind of thing.)
Another custom job.
Looks fast. Wait until you see the other side.
Oh boy, Nitrous! (On a Harley?) It's got an air shifter too.
Nitrous on a V-Max! Talk about overkill.
Buell w/NOS
Here is a Buell with Nitrous. Whee!
This is one of the bars we stopped at. Note the trooper parked. There were waitresses wandering through the crowd selling vodka jello shots. It was an interesting scene.

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