Shapeoko 3 Upgrades – Finishing Up (For Now)

I did a whole bunch of work today, but didn’t take a lot of photos because it wasn’t really work that needs them.

I bolted all the wheels to the plates again and then realized that since I had changed the spacers between the wheels and the plates I was going to have to loosen up all the rails again so I could get the distance between them correct. So I had to completely re-level the machine again.

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Shimming Shapeoko 3 Wheel Bearings

This post describes the process that I used to shim the bearings in my Shapeoko 3 V-Wheels. This process could be used for any V-Wheel assembly whether it’s used on a Shapeoko or some other machine.

The V-Wheels that I received with my Shapeoko 3 were out of tolerance (no fault of Carbide 3D) and the centering ribs were too thin. This lead to the bearings being able to move back and forth in the wheels, causing a loss of accuracy.

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Shapeoko 3 Upgrades – Interlude

(I’ve kind of given up on the Part X numbering at this point…)

Last we heard I was waiting for my shims to arrive for the v-wheels. While I was waiting I decided to checkout out the spacer washers that go between the wheels and the plates.

The first thing I noticed was that there were some burrs on them from the stamping process so I grabbed some 400 grit paper and a flat surface and sanded them down a bit.

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Shapeoko 3 Upgrades – Part 2

I have done some other mods to my S3 so as long as I’m waiting to hear from support I’ll write them up now.

While I don’t think mounting the control board to the back of the X rail is a bad idea, I’m not a huge fan. It makes running the USB and power cables a little problematic and I think the control board could stand to be more shielded from dust and metal shavings.

So I moved it.

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Shapeoko 3 Upgrades – Part 1.3

Good news this time.

So there is good news… I did use this as a chance to buy a new tool but what I bought was a 48″ level with milled sides. Guaranteed to be flat to .0005″ (right, pull the other one, it’s got bells on.)

In any case it’s bound to be straighter than my extruded aluminum circular saw guide.

The new level indicates that my torsion table is pretty darned flat!

This makes me happy and now I can continue with the build.

In more good news I took apart the Shapeoko 3 base, popped out the pressed in nuts, drilled out the holes to 5/16″ and checked the T-Nut positioning…

They are just about dead-on in all three positions. I’ll probably open up the holes in the end pieces another 1/32″ just to give me a little more wiggle room for alignment, but I’m feeling pretty good about this project now. :)

Shapeoko 3 Upgrades – Part 1

My Shapeoko 3 has been sitting in my shop pretty much neglected for a while.

Part of it was that I’ve been busy with other things around the house – prepped and painted a room, had the holidays, etc., and other family things.

The other part of it was that I’ve been thinking about upgrades for the Shapeoko 3 pretty much since I took it out of the box. I have no quibble with Edward Ford’s design, but I’m a tinkerer, like many Shapeoko owners, and I can’t leave well enough alone.

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My Music Streaming Solution

I’ve been collecting mp3s for years. I have about 32,000 files, over 200GB of music.

What I haven’t had is a way to play them on my good stereo gear in the living room. Sure, I can load a bunch of them onto my Android phone and play them that way, but that’s not super convenient. However it has been the method so far.

There have not been any really good solutions in the past that did what I wanted. I wanted a shared library, so I can play the songs on multiple devices. That means I can’t store the music on my desktop (which I didn’t want to do anyway.)

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