Band Saw Boxen!

I’ve done a bunch of stuff since my last post, but I’ll start out with the Band Saw Boxen that I made.

Here are the finished photos of the two boxen I’ve made so far, then I’ll follow up with a (picture heavy) ‘making-of’.

The first box I made.

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Table Saw – Out With The Old, In With The Older

I know it’s supposed to be “in with the new”, but the replacement table saw is older than the one it’s replacing.

I finally got tired of the Craftsman table saw that I had bought shortly after moving in to the house (in 1990) and decided it was time to replace it. So I bought something older. 🙂

I bought an older (40 plus years old I’d guess) Delta/Rockwell right-tilt saw at Tried and True Tools. It’s in pretty good shape, but since it’s a “contractor” style with no legs I had to build a base for it.

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BMW Wagen – All Things Are Connected…

Alternate Title

Filling the Coolant = Total Electrical System Freak-Out

It’s cold outside. Really cold. So imagine my annoyance that the heat in my BMW Wagen was not working well. It was barely putting any heat out.

So I Googled for some hints. There were two main possibilities returned:

  1. The cooling system has air in it.
  2. The auxiliary coolant pump is bad. Because of course there is a second, electric water pump.

Since I had drained the cooling system a while ago and apparently did not fill the system in the proper BMW way I was guessing that #1 was the correct answer, but they are both easy to check.

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More Car Fun This Weekend

The drivers side strut in Der Wagen was leaking oil and the 05 Subie was feeling very bouncy so…

This weekend I decided to replace the front struts in Der Wagen and all the struts in the 05 Subie. I was also hoping to replace the spark plugs in the Subie, but I ran out of time.

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Selling my Shapeoko 1+

I’m putting my modified Shapeoko 1 up for sale. Since I have a Shapeoko 3 now, I don’t really need the S1 anymore.

It’s a great starter machine and quite capable of milling hardwoods at reasonable speed and with good accuracy. I was getting +/- 0.005″ with a little careful work. Continue reading →

Fixturing and an Oops

I love the DeStaCo quick clamps. They have many varieties. I recently bought some of the push-pull style to make a fixture to mill my .50 BMG inserts.

I used some MDF to make the plate, and glued two blocks on to form a 90 degree corner. Then I added some #8-32 threaded inserts to bolt down three DeStaCo push-pull clamps. Continue reading →